You don't have the time for me ,I don't have the time for you

01 mars 2009

Pic:Dominika for Skank

I'm not dead.
Let's say that i had a huge hangover the last few months
I don't really know what happened actually
I'm probably just a lazy bastard.
But it's over now
I'm back in the game,for real
I'm gonna post everything you were looking for,cause,well I have no excuses,I mean I didn't post for ages and I'm pretty sure your mother thought that I've been killed by an Ivysaur or someshit,(An Ivysaur is an awesome Pokemon btw)which would be bad,cause I couldn't write right now and anyway they don't really exist,that's what Chirac says,but I reckon there are heaps of Pokemon on earth,you just need to find them.OKOK it's not the easiest thing in the world but you can try though.
I'd like to hunt Pokemon actually,it looks really fun I mean,when you play Pokemon,your character doesn't look bored at all
and he wins a lot of things and he can buy Pokeball and shit which means that you can earn money easily
Anyway let's talk music
You probably heard that Phoenix release their new album soon
This album is bloody good,it's like a meeting between Obama,Rael and Bin Laden.
I'm telling you,this summer,through Phoenix you'll pick up a lot of chicks if you know how to dance like Saddam Hussein (RIP)
I won't teach you the Saddam's dance now,but later I promise,and I'll do a real review of the Phoenix's album
Well you're probably bored to read me so it's time to download mates

The Presets-Yippiyo Ay
Royksopp-What else is there? (Trentemoller remix)

And for all the Sydneysiders,The 24th April,everybody must go to the Cross for seeing Smacktown and Redial at Le Venue
Click here for more informations

And my japanese mates launched a new fashion brand called Skank.go

I wanted to apologise to all the people who send me music,I didn't listen to everything,I swear I will,just gimme some times and if there are good stuffs I'll post them here

Salutation a DirtySteven pour son entrevue de Maze le patron pour